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Mightier Than a Pen

They say a pen is mightier than a sword,
A little thing where thousands of words are stored.
But how is ink fiercer than the wickidest of blades?
Is a pen forever leaping to its owner's aide?
Will pen be forever triumphant over sabers,
Because it is the tool that every writer favors?

A pen is a fountain of words, pouring on paper,
From tales like Robin Hood to Jack's magic bean caper.
Sparked with a scribe's touch, pens create
A knight in armor fitted with silver plate
Slaying dragons for the lovely maiden he adores,
Or a massive giant swatting down people galore.

Summoning the wrath of Greek Gods, thunderbolts and all!
It can conjure dark magic of a gypsy's crystal ball,
It can even lead pirates at sea under a flag of skulls.
There is no limit to what a pen can do,
As for the saying, the pen is clearly mightier too. 

**Creds to my friend Kami for this poem

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    Um ok so i'm 13 and going into 8th grade in the fall. I'm a total Directioner and have been with 1D since the beginning. I absolutely love writing but i never finish my stories cuz i always get caught up with writing new ones. But i'm working really hard to finish these!
    Oh and the pictures above are some of my covers :)


    June 2012