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One Blink...
thats how long it took for him to die, it didn't even take a second
all i had to do was blink, one small little action, so quick and silent

One Blink...
thats how long it took for him to pull the trigger
how long it took for the bullet to pierce his skin

One Blink...
thats how long it took me to cry
to breakdown in tears of sorrow, pain, and regret

Only One Little Blink

Birthday Joy

This comes with lots
Of special thoughts,
With love
And wishes, too...

For everything
To make this day
A happy one
For you.

Mightier Than a Pen

They say a pen is mightier than a sword,
A little thing where thousands of words are stored.
But how is ink fiercer than the wickidest of blades?
Is a pen forever leaping to its owner's aide?
Will pen be forever triumphant over sabers,
Because it is the tool that every writer favors?

A pen is a fountain of words, pouring on paper,
From tales like Robin Hood to Jack's magic bean caper.
Sparked with a scribe's touch, pens create
A knight in armor fitted with silver plate
Slaying dragons for the lovely maiden he adores,
Or a massive giant swatting down people galore.

Summoning the wrath of Greek Gods, thunderbolts and all!
It can conjure dark magic of a gypsy's crystal ball,
It can even lead pirates at sea under a flag of skulls.
There is no limit to what a pen can do,
As for the saying, the pen is clearly mightier too. 

**Creds to my friend Kami for this poem


The sun burst into happiness,
The roses pink like
A mothers' love for her child

The grass whistles
As the treetops sing
In the early morning light

The river silently flowing
Through the garden
Like a snake slithering
Through the grass

The wind blows softly
In the garden
At dawn.


    Um ok so i'm 13 and going into 8th grade in the fall. I'm a total Directioner and have been with 1D since the beginning. I absolutely love writing but i never finish my stories cuz i always get caught up with writing new ones. But i'm working really hard to finish these!
    Oh and the pictures above are some of my covers :)


    June 2012